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IE Users are Stupid, and Microsoft Knows it.

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I have several email accounts. One of them is Hotmail. When I sign out of Hotmail, I usually land in the site. Lately that has changed. I am landing a site that begs me to download Internet Explorer.

The page asks the question Why? as to why should I download IE8 or IE9 . The reasons they give are:
  • Built-in security features
  • Fast Page and Tab Loading
  • Integrated Bing Search
  • Bing and MSN homepages.
As for the security features, every knows that because of its tight integration to Windows, IE is the least secure of all of the browsers. Using IE is like going to a ghetto brothel and having unprotected sex and hope not to get STDs (viruses, malware) or AIDS (Blue Screen of Death).

But if you take a look at the other features, they have integrated Bing. Bing is their slow-learner search engine compared to super-achiever Google. Who the hell wants that integrated into a browser to slow it down?

And the only reason ever that I visit MSN is that my hotmail account takes me there. I would never go on my own volition.

Microsoft thinks that I am dumb enough to fall for this. And the interesting thing is that the graphics for this browser is a bloated whale.

That's not all. It's official. Internet Explorer users have been proven to be dumber than the rest of us.

The survey by AptiQuant, a Vancouver-based Web consulting company, gave more than 100,000 participants an IQ test, while monitoring which browser they used to take the test.
The result? Internet Explorer users scored lower than average, while Chrome, Firefox and Safari users were slightly above average.

So there you have it. It validates my view that Microsoft users are as dumb as a post. I can hardly wait until the scientific community proves that using Windows proves that you have a learning disability and using MSSQL, Access and Windows Servers means that you are less evolved than us cognoscenti.

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