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Microsoft - Facebook Partnership ????

I signed out of Facebook this morning (yes I am still on it, but not for long) and this popped up when I signed out.

When did Microsoft get into bed with Facebook and how much did they pay to do so? This has to be some serious cash for Facebook from Microsoft to do this. But Microsoft has the cash and they are desperate. Not only has the Internet Explorer browser lost it number one dominance, but their search engine Bing has failed to ignite as well.

I was already used to the numerous Microsoft ploys to sneak Bing into the metrics of search engine usage. For example, when you sign out of a Hotmail account, it re-directs to an MSN page. Over half of the links are faux-links with teaser titles that make you think that you are getting an interesting article, where in fact it turns out to be a link to a Bing search. To me, that is a real bait and switch tactic.

But this latest Bing on Facebook thing must be really good for the bottom line of Facebook. I can't even imagine what Microsoft would pay for that exposure, but it would have to be hefty. As for a prediction, I still don't think that it would make a dent in Google -- at least not among the tech cognoscenti.

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