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A Jungian View of an Internet Connected Computer

During my long sojourn in the tropics, there were and are times when I am amazingly bored. You can't hop into a car and drive anywhere worthwhile on an 18 mile island inhabited by a quarter of a million people. There are only 7 or 8 restaurants worth going to. After you have had your swim on the beach, perhaps shot a rock lobster with your spear, and had your requisite mojitos for the day -- then what. That's when I decided to go to a meeting of Jung Society. Carl Jung was a contemporary of Sigmund Freud, and those two ruminated on psychiatry, dreams, sex, mental illness and the unconscious in a way liberated from biology, real brain chemistry and actual scientific fact.

Let me tell you, the Jungian theories are the biggest bunch of booshwa that parallel other strange beliefs like UFO abductions, crazy religious dogmas and the honkingest pseudo-science promulgated anywhere. The thing that really made me laugh out loud, is that grown men were explaining the story of how Jung discovered the collective unconscious. It turns out that Jung the psychiatrist (or fisseekee-atrist as Ricky Ricardo used to say) was treating a man that was cuckoo for coco puffs. He gave that man a crayon and a piece of paper and the man drew a rudimentary face. Jung was struck with the inspiration that the man tapped into the collective unconscious and drew a face mask of a Polynesian king on some far away Pacific isle from years ago.

Astonishing. Those were the days!!! When anyone saw something that humankind never understood properly, you made up theories and stories, and if your stories and theories were accepted by a number of people, then it was considered fact. This was how the flat earth, spontaneous generation of insects and other expositors of human knowledge came to be. Carl Jung did the same thing. The sad part is, now that we know the brain is neural nets, synapses, massively parallel biological systems and such, affected by dopamines and serotonins, and yet grown men still believe in Jungian explanations. That would be the equivalent of cosmologists today believing that the earth is supported in space on the backs of stacks of turtles.

So lets suppose that you had a time machine, and you whisked Carl Jung into a darkened room with an internet connected computer in the present era. What would Jung say about the experience? I will now channel Carl Jung.

I have met an intelligent alien being today who's thought process scrolled across it's face. It seemed to have an internal light in its brain, and rather than sound going in from square ears on the side, sound came out of them. There was a phallic kidney or testicle attached to its square box body, and one could control expressions on the lit face by manipulating this organ.
The machine thought in language as well as pictures. It communicated with other beings through letters that were sent through the ether and displayed on its face.

This alien being is highly sexual, as it displayed many many moving pictures of naked human women indulging in sexual acts with well endowed men. I tend to believe that this sexual expression is as a result of its control organ continuously being handled and stimulated.

The alien being definitely has a collective unconscious. It can through a dream mechanism called a Googel, draw information from its universe at a whim.

The alien being is introverted in the sense that it requires a prime mover for any actions, but it is quite extroverted in displaying all sorts of ideas and pictograms on its lighted face.

The alien has a limited complex in terms of emotional array, but that probably is due to its low power status as it is constantly being poked by humans.

The archetypes of this alien are thusly:

1) The self is a self effacing almost inanimate object except for the lighted face
2) The Shadow archetype is that of a know-it-all that is ego-less
3) The Anima, the female component of this alien is almost absent as it does not complain, has no negativity, works diligently without complaint and does not speak while doing tasks
4) The Animus archetype is that of the strong silent male without a hint wrath or rancor
5) The persona is that of a usually predictable person capable of displaying deviant sexual thoughts and raucous music

All in all, this alien being is much too advanced for life on this earth. Because of its total lack of need for psychoanalysis, I recommend destruction of all of these aliens except for one in my closet where I can watch it sexual vignettes and create more theories.

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