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invalid server's version String Tamirsharpssh

I was using the Tamirsharp or SharpSSH library in a demo that I was doing.  I was in a hotel lobby business area and I kept getting an connection error:  "invalid server's version String".  Google wasn't that helpful.  I was defecating bricks trying to resolve this.

I couldn't possibly imagine what was wrong.  I got a valid connection a few hours earlier from a different location.  We remoted desktopped to the server, and everything was running fine.  Our ssh daemon was cygwin d and we rebooted that for good measure.

Couldn't understand what the problem was, until it dawned on us.  The hotel IT network was blocking the ssh/ssl ports.  Moved away from the hotel network and everything worked fine.  It did cause a few anxious moments though.

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