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Why Google Translate Sucks!

I am having a huge problem with Cordova/Phonegap and iOS. The app is supposed to take a pic and upload it to the server. It works perfectly on the iPad but fails miserably on the iPhone. It should work on both.

Here is the error that is thrown:

Plugin 'CDVCamera' has a pending operation, memory purge is delayed for didReceiveMemoryWarning.

So I googled the error. There are only about four entries and none of them helpful. One of them was Chinese. So I popped the answer into Google translate, and this is what I got:

Oh, It is what iOS7, or Will not tried in another device? 
Do Will does not implement the functions except after camera function? , May now once please confirm there is a heavy processing such as image processing in other So, I'm Although it is the main issue is the iPad mini instead of iPad mini2?And I totally bring up the story of another question, but the contents of the current "north of the traveler," Mr. during the inquiry, when you change from β version to the official version, memory release of native component has not been correctly, memory may have adapted to generate it by tight is very high I want is you answer with. Both devices were asked earlier I will remember it was a memory-mounted 512mb. And diverted the answer in another thread, but has a large memory consumption of iOS7, you fell as soon as monaca is not the chitin and memory management. Here How do leading to talk of memory management shortage at the time of the previous official version migration I guess hands of one that you wait for the after performing the memory released monaca side?

I would definitely call this a fail. In the meantime, if anyone knows why the iOS Cordova framework is throwing this error, please let me know. Thanks.

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