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The Ten Living Principles - The Craft And Creed of Transformative Digital Design

You have the power within you to be transformative digital design wizard!  It takes a dazzling array of personal and professional attributes to create things that change the trajectory of how mankind interacts with others and technology.  It is both a craft and a creed, a science and an art, and a discipline and a practice. The Ten Living Principles is a framework for revolutionizing your creative abilities.

The framework is a distillation of the Steve Jobs recipe for changing the world.  These are the same type of principles that the ultimate master designer of all time, Steve Jobs followed.  It is a fusion of self-improvement, Eastern Thought, cutting-edge science, and human factors engineering coupled with attributes of beauty, simplicity and truth.  It changes you, the way that people see you as a designer and the way that people interact with technology.  It puts a whole new spin on making ideas happen, where the onus is on the designer to transfer the Eureka moment to reality in an elegant, graceful, intelligent and artistic way.

Whether you are a programmer, graphic artist, writer, industrial designer, robotics engineer, sales and marketing guru, inventor, web developer, student  or artist, or whatever discipline you follow that requires you to design anything, you can't jump to the big leagues without a plan and some practice.  This book gives you both. It is time that we took back the work of digital from the meat factories of the cubicle farm, and become renowned craftsmen, who hallmark our revolutionary work with excellence.

The Ten Living Principles that will make you the best person AND design artisan that you can possibly be.  It shows you how these Ten Living Principles translate to a physical or digital design.  It reveals the two most necessary elements that every transformative design today must have.  It spells out in the three attributes that all designs must have after the Eureka moment to be successful. It gives you the freedom to open up and let the best of you shine.

In keeping with these principles, this book has the value proposition of an intelligent design.  It is probably the first book that is specifically designed and laid out to be read on a digital screen.   If you have ever wondered what the future of reading for human beings will look like, this gives you a small glimpse of what to expect, based on the latest Human Factors research .  It could be the template for all new eBooks.

But even more than all of the above, this book is a call to action.  It is time to hallmark the digital world with personal excellence in execution of design. If there is one thing that the world needs more of, is transformative digital designers.  It could be you!

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