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Laughable Social Media Marketing Effort of Chinese Company - A New Twitter Potemkin Village

I looked at my new follower on Twitter.  The photo above shows a pretty, young woman in a very coy pose. The screen name is Monica Geller.  The interesting banner photo on "her" profile was a representation of a network on the globe with luminescent node effulgence sprinkled over it.  The discordant thing was the mismatch between the screen name and the user name. The user name in this case was not Monica Geller, but LilyJohns012.  That is a warning bell.

I get a lot of followers that are bots, and one of the tip-offs is the mismatch between the screen name and the username. When a bot makes an account, the username is usually random letters and numbers like iurowjnx7.  However some of the accounts that sell stuff have a mismatch between screen name and user name.   This is a screen capture of the banner.

The real tip-off was the location - The People's Republic of China and "Monica's" website was

Monica's bio reads "I love travelling around the world. I like to make new friends. Welcome to my world. Now I'm working in Fiberstore."

What you don't see, is the next line saying: Born on February 05.    

Interesting.  What does this beautiful, Caucasian world traveler tweet about?  Is it about making new friends or her exotic travel places or that she is a dual personality named Monica Geller and Lily Johns? Nope.

She tweets about splicing cable with this photo:

or how great looking that this aerial splice enclosure looks:
Among the lovely pictures of the cable and fiber stuff, you have laudatory tweets by people with names like Lode Von Beethoven who are waxing ecstatic over the inventory of the cable and fiber store.

It's just amazing how every single tweet has a question about cable products or laudatory quotes about everything fiber, cable and connector.  And not one of the Tweeters is from China where Monica/Lily hails from.

I guess that this sort of Potemkin Village on Twitter is how the Chinese think that social media marketing should happen.

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