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Giving Thanks for the Free Software

Today, I just want to give props to some free software, freely available on the web that has helped me. Yesterday I mentioned the DivX codec pack, and you can download it for free from here:

Another bit of software that has helped me tremendously is converting DVD to AVI. A small free tool is fast and quick. Here is a screen shot:

The URL for downloading this tool is:

And props also go to I needed to convert a jpg pic to an .ico icon file for Visual Studio, and it was done promptly and easily online at:

Thanks a bunch. Readers of my other blog will know that I reciprocate, putting up code for RFID and mag card readers etc.

And this was lying on my desktop. If you need a green light pic for any development that you do, I created this one pictured below. Please take it if you need it.

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