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Toby Flood Reduced To An Equation

Toby Flood is a fly-half for the Leicester Tigers, and a rugby star in the Aviva Premiership. This is his photograph from Wikipedia:

It's almost sad, but true that Toby's running game whilst playing rugby can be reduced to a mathematical equation. If you had to describe Toby's running game performance mathematically, you would do it this way:

Obviously I am not going to tell you what x and y stand for, because it came from digitizing and sifting through mounds of data to come up with the mathematical model using predictive analytics and linear regression.

However, if you wanted to choose a player with Toby's prowess, this formula would be incredibly helpful. It was derived using my software package called RugbyMetrics which adds objective knowledge of the game through data-mining and sifting through mounds of statistics.

Click on the video below to watch Toby kick a conversion after a Tiger try. The fly-half is really good!!

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