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Crime-Solving Website for Mothers Who Kill Their Children

The news tonight (or I guess that it is morning now) is full of news of mothers or step mothers who kill children and dump the bodies.

We have the Casey Anthony case in Florida where 25 year old Casey was tired of having her two year old daughter Caylee as a drag on her life, and killed her child, left it in a car, and then dumped the body in a field near the grandparents home.

Another item in the news is missing Kyron Horman who was supposedly taken to school by his step mother, Terri Horman, on June 4th of last year (a year ago today), and has never been seen since. Police have information that Terri Horman is involved and tried to hire a hit man to off Kyron's father.

And then we have the case of Julianne McCrery who drove from Texas with her six year old gifted boy, Camden Hughes and killed him in the North. He was found under a blanket May 14 alongside a remote road in South Berwick, Maine, near the New Hampshire border, sparking a massive tri-state manhunt.

The last case is different from the first two, where the mother tried to take the body as far away as possible to hide her actions. What ties the cases together, is that none of these women have ever shown any inclination or tendencies to take a human life.

The biggest problem when these children disappear, is finding the body. Searches take a lot of man hours and are expensive when they involve helicopters and mobilization of police units. There should be a way for technology to help. And there is.

With the invention of the internet, we have discovered a new principle of human behavior -- the crowd is always right. The second principle is based on human psychology. Humans when stressed tend to follow predictable patterns. A good example is prostitution. It has been discovered that when men are in search of a prostitute and cruise the roadways, they hate making left hand turns. They always want to turn right as they search out a streetwalker.

Human beings have the concept of querencia embedded in them. It is a bullfighting term. When a bull is in the ring, he finds and always goes to his querencia or safe place where he feels empowered. Casey Anthony dumped her daughter's body near her home, in her querencia, where she felt safe.

So, the website that I propose would be quite radical. And it might be offensive to some. What the website would do, would be to solicit essays from normal people on crime. Much in the manner of the OJ Simpson book entitled "If I Did It", the website would get people to write an essay on where they would stash the body if they killed a child.

Going on the principle that the crowd is always right, one could data mine the essays and determine the common denominators to use technology to help find possible areas to search.

If the idea of soliciting this kind of information from the general public is too offensive, one could use existing crime data, but it would have to be collected and digitized. It would be much easier, and one could get a much more specific mass if it were collected on a pro forma basis from the public when needed. I think that this kind of website would get an incredible amount of traffic. I just checked, and is taken, but is not.

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