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Ultra secure, Data Privacy and Secure Storage

This is a reprint from a White Paper about "My Privacy Tool".

Data privacy is a growing concern in this day and age. As the Internet evolved, it has become an incredibly important facet of our lives for communication, transacting business, socializing and entertainment.

Our electronic data and personal information is trapped every day in multiple locations through activities as signing up for a social network account, buying items online, or just surfing the web. We are tracked, recorded and analyzed continuously as we use the Internet.

Even more problematic in the privacy domain, is that various agencies, governments, businesses and media are quite interested in gaining access to our electronic data, documents and communications.

India and several countries in the Middle East have announced that they are banning Blackberry because their intelligence agencies cannot read the communications.

The United States, in its war on drugs and terrorism, has sweeping powers of electronic surveillance. The intelligence agencies currently archive every single email sent over the Internet, and automated software robots troll the emails for keywords.

In early September of 2010, the Obama administration announced that they were seeking to further the government’s ability to tap into communications, by having providers like Skype and Blackberry build a back door into their software so that the government could monitor communications.

The "My Privacy Tool" solution is a secure, encrypted paradigm that incorporates email, instant messaging, data storage in a document repository and hot back up for documents on a computer.

The way it works, is that the application creates an encrypted tunnel to a storage and server farm in a trusted offshore jurisdiction (You can have your own server hosted there, you can use it as a service and have it hosted on an application hosting service, or you can have the server on your own premises.)

The encryption in the "My Privacy Tool" system is twofold. The first level of encryption is the tunnel which uses SSH and SSL encryption. SSH is a network protocol that allows data to be exchanged using a secure channel between two networked devices. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), are cryptographic protocols that provide security for communications over networks such as the Internet. Then the documents are further encrypted by AES encryption. In cryptography, the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is a symmetric-key encryption standard adopted by the U.S. government.

The company that provides the "My Privacy Tool" operating infrastructure has been providing gateway mail services over fifteen years to international clientele.

The secure tunnel over the internet is created when the user starts the application. The application cannot be started without a USB key, which contains the encryption tools necessary to connect and be validated. Each user is also provided with a panic password. If the user is forced to divulge his login credentials, he/she can provide a panic password that when used, insulate the data and the session is directed to an innocuous place with artificial data. Removing the USB key also causes the application to quit with no ill effects should the user require instant privacy.

Once the tunnel is set up, the user enters their password, and has access to secure communications and storage.

The email is not regular SMTP email, or email that is broadcast across the internet. When an email is sent from one person to another, it is merely put into an inbox behind the bastion server in the bunker that guards against intrusion.

Users wishing to check their email, must tunnel into the bunker and check their inbox. Nothing is ever broadcast over the internet like regular email.

The instant messaging (chat) works in the same manner as the email, in terms of security. Both users tunnel in, and if they are both connected, they can chat. Chats transcripts may be saved.

The communications (email & instant messaging) algorithm is based on the Swiss Trust paradigm that enables anonymous communication. Each user has three account numbers that he may give out to other "My Privacy Tool" users. These numbers all point back to the user. The other user then creates a contact nickname for this person using the given number. The nickname or alias can be nominal or random. Also, if the account number is disclosed by one party only, the person receiving the account number may communicate with that person without ever disclosing his/her identity. The system keeps track of the users while routing the messages.

The next piece of the solution is the secure document storage. It is a repository with the capability of created private and shared folders. Each user must be specifically assigned to a folder by an administrator before he or she has access to it.

There are various levels of access. The first is a data contributor. A person may create a document for the enterprise, and has the ability to upload it to a shared folder. But that person does not have the ability to download documents or delete documents.

The second level of trust is the data user, who has the ability to upload documents to shared folders, download them to edit them, and upload them again. This person has no delete privileges.

The next level of trust is the ordinary user who can create his/her own folders, and upload and download documents to them. They may also contribute or download documents to shared folders if they are authorized to do so by the administrator. They can delete documents as well.

The administrator is responsible for re-keying users that have lost their USB keys. He/she also locks out users who have been terminated by the organization, and keeps track of the organization through the contacts list.

The data storage area is a generous 100 GB per user. Not only is the tunnel encrypted, but the data is as well, as it is stored in a database. As a result, it is not readable to hackers, or to anyone else for that matter.

The last feature of the "My Privacy Tool" tool is the hot backup function. A user can list up to 50 documents, and the system automatically checks to see if they have been modified on the host computer. If so, they are automatically backed up without user intervention.

Benefit 1
"My Privacy Tool" is the most secure way to transfer a document electronically over the internet.

Benefit 2
"My Privacy Tool" is the most secure way to communicate electronically either with email or instant messaging.

Benefit 3
"My Privacy Tool" is a powerful enterprise tool, yet can be used by an individual as well, for privacy.

Benefit 4
"My Privacy Tool" permits travel with an empty laptop. When a document is required, it is downloaded from the Nassau bunker, edited, printed, and uploaded back to the server.

Benefit 5
Because there is no SMTP stack, multiple copies of emails or communications are not kept all over the system. There is no central place that keeps email and thus when an email is deleted, it is gone. An added feature is that "My Privacy Tool" is not susceptible to email and chat viruses, because it does not use the vulnerable Microsoft paradigm that viruses and Trojans exploit.

Benefit 6
"My Privacy Tool" can be used from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection.

Benefit 7
"My Privacy Tool" can be used to deliver ultra-private monthly statements or other documents that require care, trust and privacy.

Benefit 8
"My Privacy Tool" can save hundreds of dollars in courier fees for the transmission of private documents.

Benefit 9
"My Privacy Tool" provides your clients with the knowledge that you are vigilant of their privacy needs, and have taken steps to insure their privacy.

Benefit 10
"My Privacy Tool" is a revenue center for your business. It can be marked up, or included with premium services which will generate an additional revenue stream.

"My Privacy Tool" is not meant to replace your regular document repository and communications systems. It is intended for private, sensitive documents. It enables travel with an empty laptop and protects against email & chat viruses, theft, loss of computer, or unwarranted seizure of your computer. "My Privacy Tool" is the first integrated tool to do this. It is a necessary tool for complaint privacy users.

This concept is an incarnation of the non-cloud cloud storage concept.

Note: This tool is supplied to bona fide entities and corporations after KYC is established, and is not open to individuals or the general public.

For further information, please send an email from a non-free corporate account to (Replace "-at-" with "@")

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