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Blocking Extensions for Chrome

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Regular readers of this blog will know that I am a privacy freak. I also use Google Chrome which is the safest, fastest, best browser in the marketplace.

I just got a new laptop, and I had forgotten to add my privacy extensions. However I was reminded when an old highschool friend sent me an invitation to join her on Facebook, and since she had my email address, the Facebook code read my contacts and suggested other friends that were not connected to her, but were to me.

Since I get my email through my browser, I decided that it was time to add the privacy extensions. I added, Ghostery and Do Not Track Plus. I also added Ad Block, but I had to disable it, because I couldn't read how much money that I was making on the ads for Google Adsense.

However, I am quite pleased with the performance of the blocker privacy extensions for Chrome. So far, the worst offender for tracking in my experience, is the website.

As an added feature for today, you get a fearless prognostication. Facebook stock is going to tank today. The closing price was $20.38 and I'm willing to bet that it will close lower today.

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