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I Won a Copyright Right Dispute with Google's Youtube

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Google owns Youtube. When I wanted to make some of my pictures of Provence into a Youtube video, I deliberately did not want to run afoul of copyright laws. So I googled royalty free music and came to a site with free, unencumbered music. I downloaded a track and used it as background information.

When it came time to upload, I identified the track and artist and the fact that it was royalty free music. Youtube said that I couldn't monetize the video, because I didn't own the copyright. Interestingly enough, they didn't make me take it down.

I left it that way for months. Then I get a notice saying that some entity called CD Baby was disputing my right to use the music. I did an online appeal by filling in the forms, and using drop down menus to say that it was free, and royalty free music.

A couple of days later, I get the following email:

CD Baby has reviewed your dispute and released its copyright claim on your video, "A Peek At Provence". For more information, please visit your Copyright Notice page

- The YouTube Team

Cool. So I figured that I would go ahead and monetize the video. Not so fast. I opened up video manager, and it said that there was copyright information that said I couldn't monetize it. I cut and pasted the email into the explanation box.

So I won a copyright dispute with the Google-owned YouTube, now lets see if they will let me monetize it. Here is the video in question:

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