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Programmers in Paradise - iOS Apple App Programming Bootcamp

So you have always wanted to program apps for iPhone, and sell them on iTunes.  But you don't know where to begin?  What about Programmers in Paradise? 

All you have to do, is pack your bathing suit, some shorts and sandals, perhaps a snorkel and show up to an Apple iOS Programming Boot Camp in the Bahamas.  You will stay at an all inclusive, be given to keep,  a MacBook Pro and an iPad and get intensive bootcamp training and hands on instruction to develop your iPhone apps.  You will learn how to create apps in Objective C using XCode, and you will be doing it in the tropical sun.

There is even provision for extras like learning the Zen of Programming by attending a few meditations lessons at a genuine Buddhist ashram, lessons in kiteboarding and an a few snorkeling trips.

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