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Mobile Has Crossed The Rubicon

This morning, I have reached a watershed moment.  It is a fascinating discovery for me, but perhaps you have already known it.  Mobile has crossed the Rubicon. By that, I mean that mobile viewing of my youtube channel has beaten out the regular youtube watch page.  I just checked out the analytics for one video, and it is astonishing:

Mobile devices
1,039 (58.1%)

YouTube watch page
730 (40.8%)

Embedded player on other websites
19 (1.1%)

YouTube other
1 (0.1%)

When you couple that with the fact that PC sales are way down, it looks like mobile has truly come of age and the desktop is going the way of the dodo bird.  It look like even the laptop is headed on the way out.

Here is the take-away.  For us developers, we have to start thinking more and more in terms of mobile, even for enterprise computing.

Just for the record, you can watch my mobile video channel here:

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