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Traffic Faking Update

This is an update on traffic faking.  If you have a blog or a website, you will see an inordinate amount of hits from weird and not-so-weird domains.  They are faking traffic to your website.  When you click out of curiosity, you are bombarded by spam, or even worse, malware.

I created a La Brea Tarpit blog -- a blog with lots of keywords.  It has had no hits at all from legitimate users, but in four days, it had the following hits from the traffic faking domains: 30 hits 22 hits 18 hits 11 hits 10 hits 4 hits 2 hits 1 hit 1 hit

I contacted that .pw registrar and they weren't interested in stopping their traffic faking domains, so my guess is that they are scumbag traffic faker enablers as well.

The internet is very Darwinian.  Traffic faking must work to generate hits, otherwise they wouldn't do it.  If you are a webmaster or blog owner and you see one of these domains, don't click on it.  Let's starve them out of web traffic.

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  1. Ha,it happened to my blog too and i'm wondering who these people are ! Thanks for the information.