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Legal Definition of Spam

As a public service announcement and for the edification of dumbass spammers, I provide the following definition of Spam.  Public Law No. 108-187, 15 U.S.C. 7701, et seq., defines spam as a "commercial electronic mail message" as "any electronic mail message the primary purpose of which is the commercial advertisement or promotion of a commercial product or service (including content on an Internet website operated for a commercial purpose)."  The primary characteristics of Spam are:

1) Lack of visible and operable unsubscribe mechanism in all emails.
2) Lack of a legitimate physical address of the publisher and/or advertiser.
3) Message sent to a harvested email address.

I have zero tolerance for spammers who fit the above-mentioned legal criteria.  

Here is the latest spam fitting the above criteria in my mailbox by dumbass spammers:

(start clip)

I have been physically threatened by a spammer because of  my posting of his illegal spam.  My attorney suggests that I save the screen shots, and remove the content as it will be evidence.  A criminal felony complaint is being filed with the appropriate police departments against the perpetrators of the illegal spam for the resultant felonious threats to me for exposing their spamming business practices. 
(end clip)

Now the ironic thing is that they have a fancy domain account and yet they want me to send money to a gmail account.  Yeah, right!

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