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Dropbox New Privacy Policy

One of my colleagues signed me up dropbox.  I have never used it because I develop privacy apps and I don't let any app have access to my computer.  But I still get notices.  Their latest is their new privacy policy.  As usual, it has my privacy spidey senses tingling.   I got the following notice from dropbox:

We want to let you know about some upcoming updates to ourTerms of Service and Privacy Policy. These updates will go into effect on March 24, 2014.
You can find more details on our blog, but here’s a quick overview:
  • We’re adding an arbitration section to our updated Terms of Service. Arbitration is a quick and efficient way to resolve disputes, and it provides an alternative to things like state or federal courts where the process could take months or even years. If you don’t want to agree to arbitration, you can easily opt out via an online form, within 30-days of these Terms becoming effective. This form, and other details, are available on our blog.
  • We’ve added a section to our Privacy Policy that discusses our recently launched Government Data Request Principles. We’ve also made clarifications to better explain how our services will use your information. For example, we explain that when you give us access to your contacts, we’ll store them so that you – and only you – can do things like share your stuff easily, no matter what device you’re using.
  • We’ve also updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to better explain and reflect our growing list of features for Dropbox for Business customers.
While we’ve simplified much of the language, our commitment to keeping your stuff safe and secure hasn’t changed. We don’t sell your personal information to third parties. We don’t serve ads based on the stuff you store in our services. As always, your stuff is yours.
If you have any questions about these updates, you can read more on our blog or email us at
Thanks for using Dropbox!
- The Dropbox Team

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