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Kids Live Safe Email Spam -- Dangerous

This is the absolutely latest in egregious spam.  It purports to be from Kids Live which apparently alerts you if there is a registered sex offender in your neighborhood.  The website itself uses scare tactics and sells email alerts.

However, this spam is from another domain, and this is a sure sign of a virus or malware injector.  There is embedded script not to display the domain that it takes you to, so you cannot check validity by hovering over it with a cursor.

These are all signs of virus, trojan and malware activity.  Delete it and empty your trash and in now way click on it.


  1. Hi, my name is Marvin I am a Quality Assurance Supervisor with Kids Live Safe. Please be aware our company does not send out any emails. We work with reputable third party publishers who follow all legal and ethical standards as they pertain to email marketing.

    People who may not want to receive email offers about our company can opt out using the links included in any emails they receive. In addition, they may also contact us directly by giving us a call at 1-800-301-5905 or emailing us at

    Our site is safe, secure, and provides valuable tools designed to assist families in portecting against sex offender predators. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

  2. Just got one of these and even though I had not heard of this scam I was immediately suspicious. In this case you can hold your cursor over any of the links and see that it is not from the kids live safe domain.

    1. I see we got another smart user here. I'll be marking that as spam myself.

  3. I just got one. Fortunately, I didn't click on it. It came from "Kids_LiveSafe".