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Revising My MH370 Predictions - It's the Pilot

All of my previous inferences on what happened to Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 have been incredibly accurate.

However, I wish to revise one of them.  I previously made a published inference that the co-pilot was responsible for the loss of the flight.  I made that inference on the basis that he was the last one to speak to Malaysian air traffic control.

Now that the Malaysian authorities have change their story, and are saying that the pilot and not the co-pilot was the actual voice in the last transmission, I am amending my inference to say that it was the pilot who caused the loss of Flight MH370.

It makes sense.  Just a day before the flight, the pilot went to the trial of a political opponent of the Malaysian Prime Minister.  He was upset at the trumped up charges of the opposition leader.

My inference was based on the last voice from the cockpit, and since it was the pilot, it had to be him responsible.  The left turn for the plane had already been programmed into the flight computer before the final transmission.

Once again, time will tell.  It looks like the plane may be found.  We shall see.

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