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I am a member of  It is a satellite imaging website that uses crowdsourcing to search miles and miles of ocean imagery or earth imagery.  The public has help in the tsunami efforts as well as the search for Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370.  I pored over miles and miles of ocean imagery myself, trying to find debris.  It is a unique concept and I would urge you to join.  Here is an email that I just got from them:


We had an incredible response to our search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. Over eight million of you joined Tomnod’s campaign and tagged 15 million satellite image clues. We are humbled and thrilled by the immense help that each of you contributed.

Search teams investigated all of the promising leads we discovered but the plane has still not been found. We mourn with the families and friends of everyone on board MH370. However Tomnod’s mission to crowdsource the world continues -- and we hope you’ll continue to join us!

Please consider joining them. Thanks.

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