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The Myth of Apple and Great Design

Common wisdom says that Apple products are great designs.  Not only can that statement be construed as a myth, it could also be a lie.

Don't get me wrong -- Apple products have great aesthetics, but that isn't enough.  This was proven to me when my iPod Nano, 6th Generation failed.

Quite simply, the power button doesn't work.  What happened, is that the membrane switch didn't quite reach the aluminum switch, so there is a shim on the membrane switch, about the thickness of a piece of scotch tape.  The shim is the size of a pepper grain.  It is glued in place.  The glue fails, the shim falls off, and the on/off button doesn't work any longer.  Piece of Crap design for reliability.

But its not over yet.  To fix it, you get a heat gun, and you apply heat to the screen.  You then pry it off with a guitar pick.  Can you imagine -- the screen is only glued on.  It gets worse.  There is an aluminum shield underneath, and it is held on by screws.  The battery is also held in a piece of metal with screws.  The screws are different sizes.  When you finally get to the membrane switch mechanism, it is held in with tape.  Crap mechanical design.

Here's the worst part - Apple charges you $149 to fix this.  They go in, find the little black shim and glue it on again.

This design is the equivalent of wrapping feces in Christmas gift wrap.  It looks good, but once you open it, the design stinks to high heaven.

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