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How to find and show line numbers in Wordpad

I had an exception, an error that was being thrown from a compiled .jsp file.  Strangely, the console would not give me the line number of the uncompiled jsp, but rather it gave me the line that was causing the exception in the compiled jsp file that was in the work directory.

I didn't feel like opening the file in text editor in Eclipse to locate the line, so I opened the jsp_java file with Wordpad.  The trouble is that Wordpad doesn't show line numbers.  I found the line numbers in Wordpad with this hack:

1) Select the entire text with Select All (CRTL +A will do it).

2) Expand the bullets menu item and click on the numbered list eg 1. 2. 3. etc

3) Every single new line will now be numbered and you scroll down to the offending line.

Hope this helps someone.

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