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MySQL - Getting a List of Users by who logged in last

I have a list of users.  I collect their activity. I want to get a list of users, but I want to order it by who logged in last.  Some users haven't logged in in months and don't appear in the login table.  There are two tables.  One is a users table and the other is a loginTable.  The login time is recorded by a timestamp.  Here is one way of getting the list and ordering by the last login.

SELECT, MAX(loginTable.timeIn), loginTable.userId  FROM  loginTable
right join users on loginTable.userId =
ORDER BY MAX(loginTable.timeIn) DESC ;

The right join insures that we get all of the users, even those who don't appear in the loginTable.  This is a slow query for a large user table, but since we are collecting metrics it doesn't matter.

Hopes this help someone.

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