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How To Be The Next Big Data, Machine-Learning Millionaire (in 3 Easy Paradigms)

I have a special talent. I make other people rich -- extremely rich! The first time that it happened, was in the early 1990's. I invented a new type of golf tee. The lawyer that I hired patented it under an umbrella proxy over which he had power of attorney. He said it was necessary for the financing of it. It was a long story, but I never saw a dime. He is retired in Turks & Caicos. It was particularly painful to find one of my designs on the golf course, now that the patent is expired.

The second time, I made a pile myself. It was during the tech boom, and the tech crash took us out with the speed of a tsunami. The third time was when I was when I was consulting as a technical architect to a G8 government. We were sitting in a scrum, and one of the team members mentioned that the telecom giant Nortel was trading at .75 cents a share. A few short months ago, it was at $130 per share. This team member said that it might be worthwhile to throw ten grand at it.  I said "yeah, yeah, lets do it" and ultimately forgot.  A young programmer on our team, believed in my endorsement of the stock and threw much more than that at it.  He got out when it reached $16 a share. Do the math. Nortel eventually collapsed, but our intrepid friend made such a pile that he bought a BMW and never got out his pajamas for the next few years.

The last time that I made someone rich, was that I was in idle conversation with an elderly Manhattan-based writer last May (May 2014). He was a meditating Buddhist who lived simply and had a pile of cash to bet on the next big thing. He asked me what the next big thing would be. I told him that it would be the Internet of Everything.

He asked me who would be the big player in the Internet of Everything. I told him that Sierra Wireless (stock symbol SWIR) had foundation patents and had the potential to be the next Google or Apple. Since May ( a short 9 months ago) he has doubled his money. He thinks that I am genius. Needless to say, I didn't get on the ride with him.

And now, you too can benefit from my largess and become a millionaire in the field of Big Data and Machine Learning. You can do it in three easy paradigms.

Paradigm 1: Write a Universal Lightweight Data Inter-change Universal Sensor Data Transfer Protocol. Use JSON or XML. It is dead easy. And actually, you don't have to do it. I did it for you in this blog entry! And for the ultra-lazy putative millionaire, here is an example of it:

For that, I propose my handy-dandy XML based Universal Sensor Transfer Protocol, but instead of XML it is STML or Sensor Transfer Markup Language.  Here is what it looks like:
<?stml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
      <name>Caliente Temp Sensor</name>

Paradigm 2: Use some open source stuff like Apache Tomcat, MySQL and open source stuff to write a RESTful service to pop all of the sensor readings into a database.

Paradigm 3: Using your favorite machine-learning platform, input the data and train the living crap out of the data, preferably in real time to make ultra-smart houses, ultra-smart factories, ultra-smart utilities, etc etc etc.  Everyone will want one of your platforms, because the system will be fire-up-and-forget as the military guys say of intelligent systems.  The machine will learn what is normal, call someone when it ain't, and send back feedback to optimize whatever the sensor controls and make life, smarter, easier and better. It will save everyone time, energy, human work hours and time.    AND IT WILL MAKE YOU FRIGGIN' RICH.  Everybody will want one of these systems.

And here is the disrupter idea for the disruptive idea:

The cutesy coder guys will offload the training to the cloud and push the results to a smartphone.

There you go. You are welcome. This idea is a sure-fire winner to make you a millionaire.  I would do this project, except that I am too busy with being Chief Technology Officer of our company.  Also I am working on a recreational pharmaceutical company with a new designer drug offering. We are combining birth control pills with LSD so that you can take a trip without the kids. Oughta be a slam-dunk as well!

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