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Watch out for the "What's App Web" Spam Virus/Malware

I just got this piece of crap spam malware/virus injector in my mail.  It came directly from a friend's gmail account so obviously he picked up the malware from somebody.

Don't click on it.  Notice the spelling error in the word "length".  The domain with the link comes from That doesn't mean anything, because typically these spammers hack a relatively untended website, inject their crap from there without the owner being the wiser.

Interesting that they would try to play off the Whats App name.  Don't be fooled.

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  1. There are several domains being used to host this crap. If you visit the website (I "did" using 'wget') you get sent through a rabbit warren of redirects until you reach their site.

    The target page (from what I can see in my text editor) is a spoof of the BBC Health web page, and contains JavaScript hooks that detect when the browser is closed: at which point they send you down another path.