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Google Translation Fail - An Obituary

I have friends who live in various places around the world.  One of my friends from France had a relative who died.  I googled for the obituary.  Since is was on a server in France, and I operate in English, Google Chrome automagically decided to translate the obituary for me.  Here is the result:

you are sad to announce the death Geneviève ******* occurred December 16, at the age of 84. The worship of thanksgiving will be celebrated Tuesday, December 18, at 15 am at the Church of Temple Prostestante Unie de France Condé-sur-Noireau. According to his wishes, the collection will be done without his presence. That natural flowers. It will not be sent invitations this opinion in its stead. The family thanks the people who will be associated with his sentence. Mrs. Florence ****,  303, rue de Paris, Flers

French should be an easy language to translate it. If I can speak French (and I can), any reasonably trained computer program should be able to understand and translate.  And Google is the best of the best, and yet it still can't get it right.  It didn't know context. It didn't know it was an obituary.  It didn't even know that the subject was a woman. It confuses gender more than once.  The most intriguing part is that the poor 84 year old woman appears to have been sentenced to death, according to the second last sentence in the paragraph, and the family seems happy and filled with gratitude over the death sentence.

This just proves the old adage:

If the translator is a man, HE translates.
If the translator is a woman, SHE translates.
If the translator is a computer, IT translates.
If the translator is either a man or a woman, S/HE translates.
Whether the translator is a man, a woman or a computer, S/H/IT translates.

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