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Why I Won't Be Re-Joining The BBC Global Minds Panel

I recently received the following email from BBC Global Minds.

Hi Ken Bodnar,

Thanks for your continued interest and participation in the BBC Global Minds panel.
Here at the BBC, we’re always thinking about how we can make your experience on Global Minds a great one. Therefore we’re introducing a brand new site with a fresh new look and layout.

As part of this we’re changing over our supplier from Vision Critical to eDigitalResearch, and if you’re interested in continuing your membership you’ll need to click on the link below to sign up with the new site.
If the above link doesn't work please copy and paste the following into your browser:
We hope you like the new Global Minds panel, and we’re looking forward to sharing some new surveys and polls with you in the coming weeks.
Please note, if you don’t click on the link and complete the 5 quick questions to sign up then you’ll no longer be a member of the Global Minds panel and won’t be able to give us your important feedback.
Kind Regards,

The BBC Global Minds Team

The BBC Global Minds panel was like a self-forming focus group. Anyone could sign up, and they would periodically have surveys for programming on the BBC.  I don't mind giving my opinion, because they are a quality news and programming source.

However, I am not going to follow the direction and re-sign up for Global Minds.  I first soured on this type of thing, when they send me an email requesting me to grant them access to my laptop video camera and they would record me as I watched a BBC video.  They have to be nuts to thing that I would give permission for them to (1) grant them access to my laptop (2) allow myself to be filmed and (3) not knowing what the end result as to whether the video would be destroyed.

That aside, one would think that they would think highly enough of their focus group panel to at least have their new survey company come with with a plan to migrate their contacts.  I am not going to fill out a form for yet another survey company who will own my contact data and who knows what the heck they will do with it.  They probably wouldn't sell it, but I don't them from a hole in the ground, and I don't trust them with my contact data.  When you read about A-List companies having data breaches, I don't really trust anyone, or believe in the wide promulgation of my contact data and personal details.

When I see that they just have a handful of Twitter followers, methinks that they need more than a new survey company. I understand that they are under siege from the current UK government who doesn't believe in the value of a national broadcaster, but surely they can squeeze a fat-cat do nothing director out, and hire someone to coordinate their social media.  Hell, I would be pleased to advise them for free as to how to maximize their content engagement with the world.

So sadly to say, I will not be re-joining the BBC Global Minds Panel. 

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