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Report ICO, Crypto and Other Scams

In the past few days, I have had LinkedIn connections report people who have conducted ICO scams, or shady characters on LinkedIn.  Some of them connect with me just to spam me.  I've had a connection and immediate request to process anonymous money transfers to the Cayman Islands.    A couple of us have  decided to create a reputation blockchain with query of scams, ICO fakes, charlatans, shady characters, pirates of the Caribbean, swindlers, carpetbaggers etc. If you come across egregious characters, ICOs or anything that gives our blockchain/crypto  industry a bad name, drop an email with particulars to  Eventually there will be a website with a query input.  If there are no reputation issues, you will get a thumbs-up emoji (with the disclaimer that there are no adverse reports), and if there are reputation issues you will get up to 5 thumbs-down emojis.  Thanks in advance.  (If you would like to contribute a bit of Bitcoin to help the effort along, a wallet address is:   1NfcRwZac5XrYQLkNQtBa8WBpemYpqEiwU  )

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