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Send SMS from Ubuntu Linux using Python

Got a USB modem with SIM card and we wanted to send SMS on the GSM modem. We were having trouble with javax.comm. So the quick and dirty way was to use a python script.

First of all, before you plug in the modem, ls /dev. Then plug the modem in. ls /dev and we saw /dev/ttyUSB2. That was our serial port.

Using vi we created a file called This is it:

#!/usr/bin/env python

import serial
using curses import ascii

connection = '/dev/ttyUSB2'

def sendSMS(message, telephoneNumber):
"""Send a SMS"""
ser = serial.Serial(connection, 9600, timeout=5)


ser.write('AT+CMGS="%s"\r\n' %telephoneNumber)

Do a chmod so that it can be executed. Logged in as root, execute python:


>>> import sms
>>>sms.sendMessage('This was too easy', 555-555-5555)

There you go.

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