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What the world needs -- An Apps Dictionary

I was sitting around with a bunch of geekish types in kilts (I was attending a formal affair in Scotland) and we got around to talking about making a killer app. We were talking about killer apps that would be downloaded a gazillion after they are posted in an online apps store.

The Scots are natural born engineers and like doing things by the book, and one of the geeks in skirts said that what was needed was an app dictionary. I immediately saw the benefit of that.

After all, one of my cousins wanted an app called ZERO-TO-SIXTY that used the accelerometer in an iPhone or an iPad. One would simply press a button while holding the device, and someone else driving a car would tromp on the pedal. Using calculus, one would determine the acceleration and tell you how fast one could go from zero to 60 miles per hour.

After much discussion and excitement, it turns out that there is such an app. Then it struck me that one could make money by creating metadata about apps. So here it is. The world needs an app dictionary. If one has a specific need, one consults the app dictionary. It tells you exactly what the app does, how well it works and where one could download it. As a matter of fact, this would make a killer website, and one could make some serious coin with the advertising on this website.

Just an idea.

Wow -- How to get rich from apps without actually creating them. Rate what's out there. Robert Parker made a fortune and a career doing this with wines. This could really work. I wish that I wasn't so damn busy earning a living, so that I could do this.

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