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Google Doesn't Like Orgasms

Google hates an orgasm ~ a happy ending explosion. It is quite funny, but also shows how automated word filters can go horribly wrong.

I created a blog of unique foods that were a complete surprise in how tasty they were. Have you ever popped a morsel into your mouth, and it so excited your tastebuds, that you were amazed, amused and gratified by the taste of the food? I wanted to document the foods the foods that did that to me. For me, it was a taste orgasm.

I created the blog (it can be found HERE ). I called it a taste orgasm blog. I then went to add the food, drink, snacks and various edible morsels that hugely tickled my tastebuds.

The rub came when I monetized the blog, as I do with all of my blogs. Ads placed by Google would not show up. I waited a week, and still no commercialization.

I decided to test a theory. Perhaps it was the word orgasm that was preventing the ads from being placed (and perhaps preventing my blog from being found on search engines). I re-tooled the entire blog, renaming orgasm to blowout, resulting in the URL

Voila. Within minutes, ads started appearing on my blog. There was nothing objectionable, in bad taste or X-rated on my blog. I just had the word orgasm to describe a taste explosion. Google is so puritanical, that it hates orgasms. Even if it is in relation to taste buds and food.

I am not starting to wonder if the ads will disappear off this blog too.

Update: They also don't like animated gifs. It's too bad. The animated gif atop this blog post is a doozy. Unfortunately it is limpid and non-functional in this environment. It turned my animated gif into a png file.

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