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Microsoft Buys Into Nook ~ RIP Nook

Having just bought an eReader (the Sony) and wishing that I had bought a Kindle, I eagerly read about Microsoft putting $300 million into the Nook reader. Microsoft is dead man walking, and everything they have touched eventually turns to crap. They couldn't make a go of their phone. They have lost the internet browser market because of their bullheadedness in integrating it with Windows and trying to rule the computing world with an OS that is bulky, bloated, regressive, poorly designed and made and literally a piece of crap.

Microsoft did have dominance, and they were a world changer, but they couldn't take the news that their paradigm no longer works. And, believing that their dominant position was because of their belief in their own brilliance, they haven't had many successes lately.

They are using wads of cash to stuff into the holes to stop the market-share hemmorage, and they have lost the ability to think strategically and re-invent themselves.

So, I am here today as a prophet to say that Nook the eReader is also dead man walking. Having Microsoft invest in anything remotely successful, is the kiss of death in the marketplace. They will bugger up the OS to try to incorporate Outlook or do something similarly stupid and ruin a good product. They are clutching at straws and applying $300 million dollar bandaid fixes and are going nowhere. They need a total re-invention, and they don't have the balls and creativity to do it.

In the meantime, goodbye to Nook. I never did use you because ebooks are cheaper on Amazon, but I am sure that there will be some folks out there who will be sad to see you go.

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