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Internet Explorer 9 Won't Cache Session Objects

Having put the finishing touches on my mobile web app, I was ready to go. One of my partners bought a new computer and it was loaded with IE9 and the website doesn't work. Can't log in. The login is simple. It caches a login session object in the session. Doesn't work.

Played around and added the site as a trusted web site, disabled a bunch of stuff and we could log in. The website is crippled after login. Key components aren't working. IE8 is fine. Safari is fine. Android, Chrome and absolutely everything else works.

On top of that, it took me over an hour to download and install IE9 for testing. I tell you Microsoft is crap and a dead man walking.

I will let you know the fix when I find it.

Update: See blog entry above on Domain Forwarding with Masking.

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