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The Best Free Mobile Website Template ~ MobiFreaks

I am good at what I do ~ and that is architecting, designing and coding apps with unique algorithms, sophisticated functions and graceful code. My idea of what looks pretty and appealing is more like an equal mixture of punk and baroque -- Punk Baroque -- yeah that's the ticket. That's my style. Not many other people find it attractive.

Also what many many people in the tech business cannot wrap their head around, is that I write apps (in Java) in which the visual layer or the presentation layer is an internet browser. It is not a conventional website. It is an app with a web-based presentation layer.

So I am working on this super smart web based app that will change many paradigms. It will be a killer web app, it has already attracted the attention of venture capitalists, but still we want to make it look pretty.

All sorts of self-styled experts were going to skin it out and make it mobile pretty. The last quote was for $10,000. I told the company that they were getting hosed. The guy wanted to add a whole new javascript framework just to change the look and feel.

To prove that they were getting hosed, I went to the MobiFreak website, and downloaded one of their free mobile web templates. The download page is:

The one that I downloaded with the Mobifreaks Classic Mobi. I gotta say, it is better liked than the $10,000 quote to re-skin our app.

So thanks MobiFreaks, and thanks for all the fish. Your free mobile web template is the greatest and I am a fan.

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