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IE9 Again ~ Domain Forwarding with Masking Problem

In a blog entry two down from this, I detail a problem how the IE9 browser wouldn't cache session objects. Well, after a lot of debug (doing stupid things) we have finally come up with a solution.

In their infinite stupidity, the newbie coders at Microsoft decided that the security on their browser was more like a sieve than a wall, so they decided to try and make the sieve holes smaller. The new IE9 browser doesn't support Domain Name Forwarding with masking.

We are starting a new venture, and after doing some market testing we came up with a better name and the domain name was available. But we already have beta testers using the old domain name. So the solution, we thought, was to forward the new domain name to the old one, with masking. Masking means that the new domain name appears in the browser navigation bar instead of the old one. Well, this has been shut off in IE9.

I can understand why they would THINK that they want to try and do that. Masking is a great way to prevent phishing, but one has to have access to the DNS manager, and those things have security on them. Instead, Microsoft is shooting itself in the foot.

So the bottom line is that you can view websites with domain forwarding and masking, but you can't cache session objects, or set parameters, or do anything of the things that a truly functional website does. All this to prove that Microsoft is truly dead man walking.

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