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Daytrading Facebook ~ Get Your Rectum Handed to you on a platter

(not exactly as illustrated ~ it's the Morgan Stanley version of the truth)

If you are a day trader, and you are in any position with Facebook stock, I am willing to bet you that you are getting your rectum handed to you on a platter.

Regular readers of this blog know that I write technical analysis software. I have been watching Facebook and something is rotten in Denmark.

I am convinced that the stock is being heavily manipulated, the short sellers are largely absent, and when someone wants to liquidate a long position, an automagic counter trade appears to cushion the downward descent.

All of the stock charts say sell. Yet the bloody stock declines by pennies and then it edges upward by pennies.. It is the most amazing stock price pattern, especially the discontinuity and singularities in the price between open and close. But what is happening, is that day traders are being whipsawed out of their positions because of the apparent manipulations going on. There are patterns here that are not seen with stocks in the "free market".

My analysis, which is pretty good, has shown that the stock should have tumbled at many occasions, yet it has not. We all know that this is not due to fundamentals, so the only other explanation is manipulation.

These games that the Wall Street underwriters are playing make investing a mugs game for the rest of us. There oughta be a law.

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