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Huge Hilarious Facebook Ad Fail

This ad is gut-splitting hilarious. I went to the NASDAQ site to check on my favorite "stock most likely to go down the crapper" and I saw a couple of funny, ironic things.

First, a full 74% of the public amateur pundits who waste time with an account on NASDAQ, rate Facebook stock a BUY. It is these people who's money is taken when the market whipsaws their positions senseless. It is these people who bought early and are hoping to get their money back.

And it is probably these people to whom the above ad is aimed at. I took this ad directly off the NASDAQ site. For those of you without glasses, the ad says that if you invested in Facebook after the IPO, you were likely too late!!! FAIL !!!!!!!

But if you send this company money, they will tell you also how to get in early at the high price of Facebook, not at the low price that it is two weeks later. And if you act now, they will throw in a set of John-the-Baptist steak knives and Dead Sea Scroll shower curtains added to your order.

It's the John Q. Public way of investing -- buy high and sell low. Now if you were an institutional investor, you would have been tipped off by Morgan Stanley et al, that the earnings, estimates and outlooks were being revised in the general direction of one's sphincter muscle, and you would not have lost money. Or if you were as smart as Warren Buffett, you would have stood aside. But you aren't. Like poor old Abner Snodgrass who will take piano lessons to try and get a date, you will send your money to get in early on other stock market losers.

All this to say, is that PT Barnum had it right about one born every minute -- especially with this ad pictured above.

But never mind the ad, have I got a deal for you. Send me $50 and I will make you happy (limited time offer).

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