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The Black Hole Net ~ Dark Web 2.0

There will come a time when internet privacy will be the concern of everyone. Only the lower socio-economic classes of people with continue to use the internet in a promiscuous way. But I predict the evolution of a deep dark web called the BlackHoleNet. This will be like the black credit cards or Swiss trusts -- a place where those that can afford it, can surf the web in virtual assured privacy. What will the BlackHoleNet look like?

First of all, to get to it, you will enter an IP address with no domain name. A lack of a domain name means one less step of information gathering by the registrar. When you arrive at the site, it will be a blank page that has a happy face or an "Under Construction" banner. Nothing. Nada. No links. Nowhere to go.

Then you insert a USB key, or SD card or another removable memory device into a port on your computer. You refresh your browser, and another page opens up. No apparent links. However this page contains an Easter Egg. If you know where it is, it asks you to log in. You have made it passed the bastion server. You are connected to the bastion server with an encrypted tunnel. On top of that, the contents of the traffic are encrypted as well.

Once behind the bastion server, you have the dark net. No search engines. No DNS. You have to know the IP addresses. The browser is such that if you start scripting a series of IP addresses, the browser will never work again, nor will the credentials to the dark web.

Inside the BlackHoleNet, there is no SMTP email. Not everyone is aware that every single email sent is archived by the intelligence agencies of almost every First World government. Inside there is no general broadcast of email. One logs into a server, and the email goes from mailbox to mailbox, in the server. Each subscriber must tunnel into the server to get their mail.

If you have to send an external regular email, the email is passed to a tokenizer which creates a token of the identity of the sender. All geo-location stuff is stripped out, and the email is then sent over regular SMTP channels. When the email is answered, a server decodes the token and takes it to its appropriate inbox.

There is a Facebook-like social media app, but it is all private, and the app is prevented from selling data or advertising. All of this privacy is funded by subscription.

There are websites that one can surf without anyone collecting information on you. There are stores that sell products, and all transactions are handled by an anonymity broker. Both the seller and buyer pass their information to the broker, and neither one knows the particulars of the other. The anonymity broker is a trust, that is audited regularly.

In essence, there will be an exclusive private darknet that will not be accessible to governments, intelligence agencies, pornographers, spammers, pedophiles, British tabloid editors, Rupert Murdoch and other scumbags and all of the vermin that now infests the internet.

Coming to an IP address near you soon. Bring a couple of wallets to pay the subscription fee.

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