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How To Get Venture Capital -- Ten Things

Every coder's dream is to have an idea, turn it into a startup, and then pitch to a room full of venture capitalists. These VC's have truckloads of money to invest in ideas that have legs.

I had that opportunity yesterday. It was an amazing experience, and I have lost my voice from all of the talking that I did yesterday.

This venture capital fair was sponsored by government, private industry and regional executives bent on improving the local regional infrastructure. High tech startups create jobs and creates an eco-system of innovation and well-being for the community.

So the basics to get venture capital are the following:


1) Your product has to solve a problem or add value
2) There should be a large demand for your product
3) There should be a clearly defined revenue stream
4) You should have an excellent business plan
5) You should do some real world validation of your product before you go along too far.
6) Your product should work.
7) You should be able to communicate the essence of your product in 30 seconds.
8) Your product should have a unique value proposition, and should be original
9) You should find some early adopters willing to use your product
10) You should have an excellent communications and marketing strategy.

Marketing is the key to any product. You not only have to develop your product, but you have to sell it.

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