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Browser Plug-ins that Would Sell Like Crazy

I am not a browser plug-in developer, but I do know of two browser plug-ins that would make their coders millionaires. It would be a plug-in with a semi-transparent layer with two controls -- "MUTE" and "FAST FORWARD". And it would be an intelligent plug-in. It would hide itself on most web pages, but does a quick look-ahead to see if the web page has auto-play media, either audio or audio/video. If so, the layer would materialize.

The user would have the ability to mute the sound of auto-play and for sites that put in advertising videos before the video that you actually click on to watch, it would either fast forward or eliminate it.

The web has become worse than TV for advertising. On TV you get at least 5-10 minutes of content for a thirty-second advert. On the web, if you want to watch 5 one minute clips, you get a thirty second advert with each clip.

There are programmers smart enough to build these anti-ads plugins. I am waiting.

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