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Really Getting Tired of these Traffic Faking Domains

I am really getting tired of traffic faking domains.  These are domains that fake traffic hits to a web site.  They know that webmasters look at the web analytics, and when they see a whole pile of hits from a website, they are curious as to why that website is sending traffic their way.  So they check it out, and it ends up being a spam site that wants to sell you drugs, or weight loss programs.  They are a blight on the web community.  They practice Black Hat SEO.

Two of the worst domains that are traffic faking my blogs are:

These internet rectums are jerks of the worst kind.  The .pw domain name stands for professional web, and I sent an email to PW registry because traffic faking seems to violate their terms of service.  We shall see if the pw registry takes itself seriously and curbs those traffic fakers.  If not, then I wouldn't suggest patronizing the pw registrars because your website will be considered in the same group as spammers and traffic fakers.

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