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Traffic Faking Saga continues

Well the traffic faking saga continues.  In a previous post, I outlined how I contacted the .PW abuse desk for the PW registrar where the internet rectums and societal scourges called were hosted.

The registrar asked me for proof, and I sent back this reply:


For supporting evidence of the spammer in your midst, please google and you will find the internet is full of complaints of these spammers/traffic fakers.  They operate under a few different domains but the is front and center.

It is highly annoying to me, but highly damaging to your good name as a registrar.  I would seriously suggest that you perform a simply google of that domain for all of the evidence that you need.

And they sent back this reply and closed the ticket:

Thank you for contacting us.

However, in order to proceed with suspension of the domain name, we require corresponding evidence supporting the same. 

Once, we receive the necessary evidence, we shall definitely take strict action against the domain name.

Best regards,
Abuse Mitigation Team
.PW Registry

Ticket Details

Ticket ID: ZTV-616-97794
Status: Closed

So in essence, they are a bunch of ticket-closers who have no interest in doing simple investigative work of their own.  It is my job to police the internet according to them.

If the assholes at are polluting your blog, you too can contact the abuse desk and have them do nothing as well.

Here are the frustration particulars:   .PW Abuse Desk <>

 In the meantime, the dickless wonders have put 32 fake hits on this blog in the past few minutes.  Here are the offenders:   - 12 hits  - 12 hits  - 8 hits

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