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Google's Soft Censorship of Images

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This morning, I saw something completely new from Google -- soft censorship on their image search.  I read on CNN, the story of Derek Medina, or how he killed his wife, and posted the picture of her body on Facebook, before turning himself in to police.  The article said that the picture went viral.

To see how viral, I did an image search.  I was amazed that Google initiated soft censorship on the images.  The censored images just had a gray icon.  When you clicked on them, you could see the preview of the image, but I was amazed that they would do this.

In retrospect, it makes a lot of sense for the sake of propriety, because you still can see the image if you take the trouble to click on it and open a preview layer, but it was still surprising.  It reminded me of the magazine racks in the convenience stores that have cardboard over the covers of the girlie magazines.

The jury is out as to whether I like this or not.

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