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Old Technology

I am the CTO of a technology company.  Recently we got a piece of 90 year old technology that now sits at the entrance of our offices.  (Our offices are located in an old Victorian Post Office with neo-classical pillars and a stone facade).

This is a punch clock made by the IBM Corporation in the 1920'  There are 150 holes in the circle.  Each hole is an employee number.  As an employee, you come in, spin the bar to your employee number and press the lever.  A bell dings.  Inside, a drum wheel with a 4 day capacity piece of paper on it, gets punched with your in and out time.

It is an amazing complex piece of machinery with castings, an oak cabinet, and quite a complex series of gears and such inside.  I googled antique forums, and the thing goes for about $2,000 on the open market.

We actually use an online timesheet to record employee hours.  This is just a conversation piece in our office.

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