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Javascript Evaluation Errors in Eclipse

I have a big huge app developed in Eclipse Juno.  The app has a lot of stuff including some jQuery and other javascript frameworks.  Every time that I do a build, I get errors in the Problems tab.  When I look at them, they are all errors that Eclipse says that I have in the Javascript libraries, yet they work fine.  So what to do?

The obvious thing is to turn off the javascript evaluation in Eclipse.  This is how you do it:

  1. Right click your project
  2. Select Properties -> JavaScript -> Include Path
  3. Select Source tab. ( It's identical to Java Build Path Source tab )
  4. Expand JavaScript source folder
  5. Highlight Excluded pattern
  6. Click Edit button
  7. Click Add button next to Exclusion patterns box. (You can either use Ant-style wildcard patterns or click Browse button to mention the JavaScript file by name).
Hope this helps someone.

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