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I take a lot of pictures.  A camera is never very far away from me.  I lead an eclectic life and I travel a lot.  I have lived in a lot of neat places.  I have a huge amount of pictures.  Some are good.  I decided that I might as well monetize my pics. I would sell them as stock photos.  Shutterstock seemed the place to do it.  They seem to charge the most for stock photos to consumers.

The first step is signing up.  No problem.  Took seconds to do. Then they want 10 of your best shots to evaluate.  I figure that most of my work is very good, so I picked 10 at random from a day's worth of shooting.  Here are my ten photos:

These are all high res, so you can click on any of them to get a larger version.

I figured that these ten photos were good enough to get me accepted as a photographer on the site.  Some of them may not be very marketable as stock photos, but they do demonstrate artistic and technical quality.

OK, so I had my portfolio.  The next step was the deal killer for me.  They wanted me to upload a piece of official government identification.  Not on your frigging life.

Every since LinkedIn was hacked and I found my password on the hacked site, do I trust anyone with my identity.  To upload a document like that is anathema to me. I am a crusader for data privacy.  I simply do not trust them with my info.

And when I saw the royalties (you can google them), I decided that was not for me.  The deal killer was them wanting identity information in the form of government documentation.  No thanks.  Live Free or Die.

By the way, all images are copyrighted by me.

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