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27 Ways To Make Your Webpages Load Faster

 27 ways to make your webpages load faster

  1. Avoid a character set in the meta tag 
  2. Avoid bad requests
  3. Avoid CSS @import 
  4. Avoid landing page redirects
  5. Combine images using CSS sprites 
  6. Defer parsing of JavaScript 
  7. Enable gzip compression 
  8. Enable Keep-Alive 
  9. Inline small CSS 
  10. Inline small JavaScript 
  11. Leverage browser caching
  12. Minify CSS 
  13. Minify HTML
  14. Minify JavaScript
  15. Minimize redirects 
  16. Minimize request size 
  17. Optimize images
  18. Optimize the order of styles and scripts 
  19. Prefer asynchronous resources
  20. Put CSS in the document head 
  21. Remove query strings from static resources 
  22. Serve resources from a consistent URL 
  23. Serve scaled images 
  24. Specify a cache validator 
  25. Specify a character set early 
  26. Specify a Vary: Accept-Encoding header
  27. Specify image dimensions 
Hope this helps.

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