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I started working with graph databases this morning.  Life is sometimes a graph.  (  It struck me that a graph database can describe complex and fuzzy relationships.  Here is the rub though -- it takes a human to interpret these fuzzy relationships.  A graph database can store them and retrieve them and make machine inferences using them, but it really can't understand them.

Scroll down to the blog entry below on Machine Consciousness and you will get the drift of what I am talking about.  I met my friend Al at the venue pictured above, and he asked a cogent, rhetorical question:

"At what point does logic become intelligence?"

It was an amazing insight into the foundations of intelligence and quite a cogent one.  Without logic, there is no intelligence.  It is almost a precursor.  To a sophisticated state machine, there is lots of logic. What is required to make the leap to intelligence?  Interesting, and to be continued.

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