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The "I Quit" Spam Insult Spam

I tell you, the spammers and malware guys are getting more and more entertaining.  I recently got a piece of spam that had the subject:

Subject:  Can you handle $365 every 100 minutes?

When I looked at the body of the message, it said this:


I'm done taking crap from you. I've worked myself to the bone for 8 years now and you don't appreciate a thing I do for you.
You're arrogant, egotistical and you have no loyalty whatsoever. Every time I EVER did anything right, you always took credit for it…and I let you…because I was scared of losing my job.
A true leader takes the blame when things go wrong, and praises the people who did the job when things go right…YOU do it the opposite.

I found someone who takes me seriously: blah blah lots of parameters

I don't need you anymore.


See you tonight.

1342 ar allen RD
Beaverton, OR 97008,
Canada, 23r4rd street

It's hilarious.  The URL domain for the link is  I didn't bother checking it out, because of lot of sites that inject malware or viruses are legitimate sites.  They have been hacked with a weak password and the hackers add a new page that injects malware or viruses.  The new page is not seen unless you log in as admin and do a directory listing of all of the directories and look for a file that doesn't belong.

Note the address.  They can't decide where they are in Canada or the US with fake street names that don't even make sense.

I hope that nobody falls for this, but I bet that a fair amount are tempted just by sheer curiosity.

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